Office Yoga Programs

On Site, Efficient, Customizable

All of our programs can be specially customized to fit your company's or employees' individual needs and are easy to incorporate as regular part of the work week. To initiate one of our programs, simply request a consultation.


Our signature (recommended) program designed to calm the mind, open up the body, and give employees some serious “me” time. This format blends elements of yin yoga, vinyasa flow, calisthenics, breath work, and meditation to create an ideal invigorating yet calming experience that fuels the body and calms the mind. Consider it the ultimate reset button. Employees will leave feeling energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the rest of their day in this weekly class. Appropriate for all ages and levels of physical stamina.* Duration: 75 Minutes.    


This program combines all of the same components of the 110% Advantage just in a bit slimmer window of time. Employees will still leave feeling energized and refreshed. The Competitive Edge is an excellent option for companies who want offer yoga over the lunch hour or have a more limited range of time to schedule a weekly class. Appropriate for all ages and levels of physical stamina.* Duration: 60 minutes


Running a tight ship? If your schedule or budget doesn’t allow for a full 75 or 60 minute session each week, The Lean Solution will still provide all of the same great benefits of our other programs, just in an express format. We'll dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s a little faster. Appropriate for all ages and levels of physical stamina.* Duration: 50 Minutes


Want to add something fun and exhilarating to your next company event, offer employees tools for learning mindfulness and putting yoga into action, or get into a particular component of yoga on the mat? We can customize all kinds of workshops to fit your vision. Workshops can span 1-2 hours depending on your needs.


If you have employees with special requirements, injuries, or limited ranges of motion, we can help you create a yoga & exercise regimen that is suitable to their abilities and needs as an addition to your existing program, or as a program of its own.


Need something a little bit different or need to create something that works with an existing wellness program? No problem! We can help you modify and adjust your program so its just right for you and your employees.

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Have more questions? We have answers! Take a look at our Q&A section to learn everything there is to know about bringing yoga to your office or workspace.