Yoga in the Workplace

Office and Workplace Wellness Classes Brought Right to Your Door


NAVAWELL brings yoga into the workplace with on-site classes to help you infuse your organization with health and wellness initiatives. We create an opportunity and environment for your employees to move, breathe, decompress, and recharge so they can feel more engaged, fulfilled and productive at work. Each class and program is customized to fit the needs of your employees, your organizational goals, and your budget. Through yoga, we encourage employees to make their health a priority and provide them with tools that can help them flourish at work.

We know levels of employee health, stress, injury, and morale can be big hurdles for many organizations. We also know that when ignored, these things can tick away at your profits and increase your overhead. Healthy companies are built by healthy employees, which is why we put a great deal of focus on using yoga to combat these issues. We incorporate mindfulness to help employees make more health-driven decisions, take a more active approach to life and work, and reduce reactivity in professional decisions and interactions. We provide useful tips and techniques for stress reduction to help prevent future health or morale concerns down the road. Pose by pose, we help employees build the kind of strength and stamina that will keep them agile and injury-free for years to come which equates to longevity for them as much as it does for you as an organization.



We provide clear, concise, top-notch yoga instruction tailored to your employees and held right in your office or workspace. Choose from one of our signature programs or contact us to discuss something more specific. Whether you need a dose of yoga and mindfulness a couple times a week, a monthly experience seminar, a one-time session for your next event, or something in-between, we can help you create the kind of class and format that will be a success.



Healthy, happy employees are a big deal and a huge asset to your company. Unhealthy employees are not. Did you know that unhealthy employees who suffer from chronic disease cost you 4x more than healthy employees? Or, that 86% of our health care expenditures as a nation go to treat these kinds of disease? That's $2.3 Trillion spent in one year alone on conditions that are PREVENTABLE. Wouldn't it be nice to have that money back? The steps we take now, like implementing a wellness opportunity in the workplace, to prevent the later onset of disease make a big difference. Health has to become a priority, especially in the place where we spend the majority of our days - work. What you do today for your employees matters. By encouraging a healthy lifestyle and healthy activities, your employees will be stronger and happier at work. They'll be more mindful team players, more able to handle stressful situations, and better at their jobs. You'll be able to tie up some of the leakage from your company pocket book. We call that a win-win!

Want more numbers? They're eye-opening. Employee health, engagement, and corporate culture are all important for your bottom line. Learn why here.


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