Navawell was founded on the basic principle that people who are well can do well. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to make their own health (a harmonized balance of mind, body, and spirit) a first priority. When we take care of our own needs, we feel good. When we feel good, we are better equipped to do well at work, be more present at home, and feel more inspired to do good deeds in the world around us.

Our name comes from the Sanskrit root word “Nava” meaning boat or vessel. Taken literally, NAVAWELL means “vessel for wellness” which is exactly what we aim to be and what we provide. NAVAWELL’s purpose is to create an opportunity for our clients and the community to make their personal wellness a first priority. We provide the nurturing, energy-infusing, transformative environment that enables them to do so. Our theory is that feeling good is infectious (in a good way!) and each of us can be our own best tool in getting there. The more people we can help empower to become the best versions of themselves, the better. Once they notice a positive shift in their own nature, they become a model helping and inspiring others do the same, spreading the good vibes, and opening up endless possibilities.

NAVAWELL offers on-site yoga services, special events, and workshops to corporate offices, small businesses, clinics, private clients, festivals, public gatherings, and more. Navawell also creates special events and classes for the community as a fun way to practice yoga and bring the community together.

Meet Our Founder


Kristin is a certified yoga instructor from Southern California, registered with the Yoga Alliance at 500 hours. She received her initial certification from Yoga Shakti Studio and has also studied with well respected Master Teachers such as Annie Carpenter and Judith Hanson Lasater, among others. She continues to explore the teachings of yoga to advance both as a practitioner and a teacher. Kristin loves working with students of all ages, abilities, and stages of experience to help them grow in their practice one step at a time. She has a genuine passion for using yoga as a tool to help her clients create positive and productive habits that improve their overall quality of life and extend their longevity. 

Prior to teaching yoga, Kristin was a busy design professional spending long days in a Manhattan office. It was within those many stressful hours that she saw a much broader need for an elemental shift in the prevailing work mindset and environment. She established NAVAWELL to bring work and life into balance for the modern professional and create an opportunity for the business world at large to redefine and reprioritize the essence of health. NAVAWELL uses yoga to help clients make wellbeing a number one priority to the benefit of the individual as well as the organization, group, or event. Kristin believes everyone deserves to be and feel like their best self and is committed to helping everyone get there in their own time.

In addition to NAVAWELL, Kristin teaches public yoga classes in Orange County. You can learn more about her or check her current teaching schedule on her website.

Kristin, NAVAWELL, and its instructors, are also CPR Certified and Insured.