Your Questions, Our Answers

Q: How do I set up my Yoga for Work program with NAVAWELL?           

We make it easy! Simply request a consultation using our online form and we’ll contact you directly to set up a time to discuss the needs of you and your employees.  Together, we’ll address all your questions and concerns and help you determine what kind of program will best suit your staff. Following our discussion, we’ll provide you with a customized quote specific to your company’s needs and give you all the tools you need to get your program up and running!


Q:  What does NAVAWELL bring to each yoga session? 

NAVAWELL provides top-notch teachers, yoga instruction, music and speakers (if needed),  a select number of props (blocks, straps, mats), and mat cleaner. We create a calming, tranquil environment right in your own office or workspace.


Q: What does my company need to do in order to prepare our space for office yoga?

We simply need floor space! A conference room, atrium, class room, or open area works best for conducting yoga classes. A space with a door or some type of enclosure is best to prevent disruption, but we can turn all kinds of spaces yoga spaces. We can discuss this in detail during your consultation to help you pick a spot in your workplace that can accommodate the number of participating staff.

Your company will also need to provide mats to employees. Navawell can help with inexpensive procurement of mats if needed. Many employees may also already have a mat they prefer to bring and practice on as well.


Q: How often should I/we offer yoga to my/our employees?           

The benefits of yoga, in part, come from having a regular and consistent practice.  Our programs are designed to be offered once per week to relieve stress and stiffness. However, depending on the number of employees, type of work, or workplace configuration, it may make sense to offer classes twice per week. We also offer add-on services like our 7th Hour Stretch that are excellent compliments to a regular yoga program designed to be offered on another day of the week to keep employees fresh and moving.


Q: When should I/we offer yoga to my/our employees during the day?         

Yoga can be offered to employees at any time of day. We find the most effective time to be around 2:00 or 3:00pm when the “afternoon lull” or daze often sets in to keep productivity up and minds fresh through the end of the work day. Lunch hour yoga is a popular time as employees are already in the mindset to take a break. Starting or ending the workday with yoga is also beneficial for setting positive tone. However, anytime you can set aside a few minutes during the workday to offer a yoga class is a good time!


Q: What do employees need to know and how to they need to prepare?

Yoga is for everyone. No previous experience or knowledge about yoga is required. All employees need to participate is an open mind and comfortable clothing they can move in. If employees have their own mats, towels, or equipment, they may prefer to bring those as well.


Q: Do my employees need previous yoga experience to participate?

No. Our classes are all-level classes meaning they are appropriate for those brand new to yoga, those that have been practicing for some time, and those that are somewhere in between. We’ll work with all of your employees to help them at their own individual stages.


Q: At what increments can I book classes with NAVAWELL?           

We offer single, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual session packages to make scheduling easy and keep consistency for your employees. Consistency in practice is essential for keeping the benefits of yoga rolling. We can discuss the specifics with you during your consultation.


Q: Can NAVAWELL help me with the set-up of my space or procuring supplies?

 Yes, Absolutely! We’re happy to help you figure out which space will work best or how to turn your space into a yoga space. We can also help you find/purchase affordable mats to keep on hand in your office for your employees to use.


Q: I have a small number of employees. Do you have programs that are appropriate for small businesses or small groups?

Yes, if you have less than 10 participating employees, one of our small business plans might be best for you. We’ll discuss the options that are available to you during your consultation.


Q: I already have an existing corporate wellness program. Can I add NAVAWELL’s office yoga to my current program?

Office yoga can be a great compliment to your already existing wellness program. In fact, it may be the link your current wellness program is missing to make it ultra successful. We’re happy to take your current wellness program into account and help you adapt an office yoga program that is a perfect fit.


Q: What if I have employees with certain conditions that may affect their ability to practice yoga?

One of the unique things about yoga is that most exercises and postures can be modified to fit a wide range of practitioners or employees.  If you have an employee or employees with physical limitations that may prevent them from a full-fledged flow, we can customize yoga programs specific to them and their capabilities so they too can experience a well-rounded practice and reap the benefits.


Q: What other kinds of services can NAVAWELL provide to give my employees a well-rounded experience?

We want your employees to have a successful, fulfilling experience with office yoga. Navawell can help you create marketing materials, tools for circulation, monthly newsletters, reports, and come up with other ways to keep your employees engaged and excited to come to class each week. We can take some weight off your shoulders by helping to manage the program. We can also create specialized workshops to help them learn more about any aspect of yoga or how to incorporate some of the principles of yoga into their workday. 


Q: Why Yoga?

Yoga is considered a “mind-body” exercise, coupling movements that build strength, flexibility, and stamina with those that help cultivate mindfulness and better sense of self. This over 2000 year old practice is designed to systematically open up the body, calm the mind, and rebalance the many systems of the body. Yoga helps practitioners get in touch with that’s going on inside their own bodies and learn to deal with and manage stress.  Where other exercises constantly focus on the external body, yoga focuses on the internal and thus deepens the connection to self to strengthen the body and mind from the inside out which can lead to more productive, happier, and healthier employees as a whole.


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